Sunshine Coast BC - that's where you're at!

Where are we?

You-who… I’m just across the fjord


Most of us are pretty much dependent on BC Ferries for our access, even though we’re really a part of the mainland. NOT AN ISLAND. Jeesh.

You catch the ferry to Langdale from Horseshoe Bay. But mind the lane info as you approach the ticket booth – you don’t want to end up in Nanaimo by mistake (there are anecdotal reports of one elderly driver taking the wrong ferry, it’s not a trend by any means.)

It costs around $80 for a car and driver to get to Langdale from Horseshoe Bay. It might seem steep, but that does cover your return fare, and if you travel here often or live here you can get a BC Ferries Experience Card and save 25% on your fare. There’s a catch – you have to be able to load the card with the minimum to use it. I LOVE my Experience Card. And if you ever want to know what to buy for a Coastie… a prepaid card or BCF gift certificate is always appreciated.


I’ve been taking the ferry for almost 3 decades and I still enjoy it. Beautiful scenery, sometimes there’s whales or dolphins or interesting boats going by, you can eat in the cafeteria, you can charge your devices in the workstations (okay, so it’s not much of a charge) and access the BCF (superslow) wifi. Plus the gift shop is excellent.

If you want to learn more about visiting the Sunshine Coast, I recommend dropping by, the Official Destination Marketing Organization for the Sunshine Coast. They’ve taken over from me and are doing a great job helping people find rooms and activities during visits.

For the best listing of events on the Coast, I recommend Linda Williams is a community treasure and she and the gang at the Coast Cultural Alliance are super consistent about keeping a weekly calendar of what’s on from an arts & entertainment perspective.