Think a fence can stop a bear and cubs on the Sunshine Coast? Think again.

My friend Pat Moore lives up Sechelt Inlet in the close-knit community of Sandy Hook. She has a beautiful back yard with all kinds of pots and plantings, all surrounded by a five foot tall chain link fence. To keep out the wildlife.

Pat was astonished last week to look out into her yard to see a mother black bear and two cubsĀ inside the fence.

Black bear Sechelt

The mother bear waited for a moment and then heard a noise she didn’t like in the distance.


That chain link gate took theĀ entire weight of the adult bear, who shows an impressive sense of balance as she goes over.


The cubs learn the hard way that there’s only one way to learn Advanced Neighbourhood Ransacking Skills. By doing.



Be bear aware on the Sunshine Coast by following these basic guidelines:

  • never feed or approach bears or other wildlife – even deer have been known to attack people. IF YOU WANT A PICTURE, USE A TELEPHOTO LENS or high quality camera with zoom capabilities
  • secure your garbage in bear-proof containers or store in a closed shop, carport area, or in your house if necessary
  • pick all fruit promptly and don’t leave windfalls to rot in the grass (… cherry liqueur, Madame?)
  • if you are camping, store your uneaten food in your locked vehicle – some bears can open car doors – or by hanging from a nearby tree. Store your food in airtight containers.
  • if you see a bear outdoors, STOP – running may prompt the bear to chase you
  • if your kids are playing, either local kids out and around the neighbourhoods, or kids in campgrounds, have them know to look for a block parent house or another family or neighbours and get to safety
  • if you are hiking, pack out your garbage in bear-proof containers
  • if hiking, watch for signs of bears… rotten trees shredded, overturned rocks and logs and trampled vegetation
  • cosmetics, toothpaste and insect repellant have been known to attract wildlife.
  • if there is a ‘bear sighted in area’ be extra vigilant
  • if you see any sign of cubs, immediately leave the area. Mother bears can be very unpredictable when with their cubs.

Author: Laurie McConnell

Geek-loving, tie-dyed creative time artisan and general rabble rouser. Passionate conduit of Sunshine Coast stories, myths and fables. Founder of Bigpacific Creative Web Design & Digital Strategy (formerly Bad Dog Design) with 17 years of continuous operation.

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