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Have your children ever been to a farm? Gathered eggs from a chicken coop, or curried a horse? (no that’s not Horse Masala, it’s brushing out a horse with a curry comb!)

There’s something in the souls of (most) humans that craves the companionship of animals. Increasingly kids are growing up being more familiar with cartoonized versions of creatures – Angry Birds & Piggies, anyone? – than with real animals, and even our pets are becoming spoiled consumers of every faddish thing going (yes, I speak from experience!).

The Sunshine Coast is very lucky to have a petting farm and pony ride center where kids can interact with animals of all kinds in a natural farm setting for a hands-on understanding of the gardens and animals we depend on for food and companionship, all within an easy 30 minute or less drive from almost anywhere on the lower peninsula.

Party Ponies & Farm Ventures operates right on the border of Roberts Creek & Gibsons on Sullivan Road, and is gloriously uncommercialized. Barns, paddocks, coops, sheds and roomy cages all invite inspection and questions from kids of all ages.

Visiting a petting farm can make for an unforgettable family adventure, girl guide/scout outing, birthday party or special event… and Party Ponies can even come to your location with their new Mobile Petting Farm or Pony.

Many people may be already familiar with this homey family business. Party Ponies comes out to most outdoor events, like Earth Day, Children’s Festivals, Canada Day, Sechelt’s summer season Thursday Night Market, One Straw Carnival, Creek Days, the Halfmoon Bay Apple Festival and more, and they’re a regular stop for kids from all kinds of groups both local to and visiting the Sunshine Coast.

I love all of the animals Party Pony cares for – such a family!

  • Cinnamon, the ‘miniature’ horse
  • Mr. Peabody, the Blackshoulder Peacock – he knocks on the door when he’s hungry! – and his girlfriends Pretty & Emerald
  • Dodger, the kissing Llama
  • Milky Way & Skittles, the Dwarf Nigerian Goats
  • Sunny the Shetland Pony
  • Andalusian Mist (Snowy), the Canadian Reserve National Champion Half Andalusian Hi Point Youth winner
  • Mystique’s Lindeza, International Champion Futurity Andalusian, who lip-syncs Happy Birthday
  • Mystique’s Preferencia, Canadian National Champion Andalusian Junior Mare
  • Gyro the Dancing Cockatoo, Hawk-Watcher Extraordinaire
  • the wonderfully named Lollipop, the Potbelly Pig
  • Bottichelli the Dwarf Bunny
  • Sugar Pops, Jelly Bean & Cuddles the Lionhead Bunnies
  • Medea the Huto Bunny
  • Bunny Valentine
  • Big Bob the Laid-Back Lop Ear
  • JuJube and Oreo Cookie & Cookie the Guinea Pigs
  • Blondie and Cadbury the Polish Chickens
  • Macavelli and Seabisquet, the Seabright Bantam Chickens
  • Twister the Red Bourbon Turkey
  • Truffles & Fanny the Fancy Fantail Pigeons
  • Nanaimo Bar, the part-Border Collie Farm Caretaker, and her assistants Tundra & Zepher

Really, who gets to name these peeps? Great job.

How refreshing to spend a few hours communing with birds and animals in a farm environment, so close to home. What a wonderful, wonderful thing to have available in our community. Please book a trip today or plan an event that involves these beautiful animals… for the kids, yes of course, but also the big kids living inside each of us.

Sullivan Road, Roberts Creek
Bette-lyn Eger

Author: Laurie McConnell

Geek-loving, tie-dyed creative time artisan and general rabble rouser. Passionate conduit of Sunshine Coast stories, myths and fables. Founder of Bigpacific Creative Web Design & Digital Strategy (formerly Bad Dog Design) with 17 years of continuous operation.

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