Hi, I’m Laurie.

I'm a little bit odd. I should tell you that up front.


I believe dignity is highly overrated. I love web sites where people really show you who they are and what they're about instead of just posting marketing-speak or standing behind a vanilla reflection. People are cool, especially when they're themselves.

Principles important in my life are:

  • Coming from a place of openness, even if it means being vulnerable.
  • Laughing. Funny is gooood.
  • Working hard but maintaining a sense of play.
  • Having friends and clients from all walks of life.
  • Contributing to my community through volunteer work.
  • Dogs. Did I say dogs already?
  • Kindness. It's not that I'm never a bitch, but I do have the grace to be ashamed and work harder at kindness.
  • Connecting people. I have one of those brains that likes to make connections and introductions. After that, it's up to you.
  • Looking for beauty in strange places. It's always there.

Here's a few of the important people in my life...


Daughter in Big City


Teenager in Residence


Literal and Figurative Artist

Barry & Margaret


What I do

I run a web design and digital strategy company called Bigpacific Creative. It was formerly known for a good 15+ years as Bad Dog Design. I work primarily with Wordpress, Shopify and Squarespace and I work with not-for-profit orgs, businesses, personalities, and communities. I make online spaces where people like to congregate and collaborate, whether that's in widgets or wisdom. I also work half time for the amazing organization PacificWild.org, protecting the Great Bear Rainforest - a total privilege!

Groups I’m plugged into

Over the past two+ decades I've had the chance to be involved in a huge number of organizations, initiatives and communities. Some of my current favorites are: Sunshine Coast Pride Week, Farts and Crafts, Sappho's Circle, Sunshine Coast Mushroom Society, and The Best Book Club in the World.

I am interested in the environment and climate change, support the ban on tankers on BC's North Coast, ending clear cut logging practices, preserving old-growth forests and eco-systems, and protecting the Salish Sea and Sechelt Inlet.

My tech confessions

I am Mac all the way. I work on a big-ass desktop screen and fly a Mac Air on co-pilot, with a scrolling serving of iPhone 6 on the side. At night I read novels on my iPhone 8. I like word games (WordBrain, you're killing me) and I confess to occasionally purging my Angry Birds app so I can take a fresh run at it. I sometimes wear neo-pixel goggles I made in the Coast Makers community with pals back in the day... there's nothing better than twirling lights.

Interest… more than just what I owe

I love finding things. If you've lost something and want help finding it, I'm your gal. Tickle fights with kids - even big ones - are the world's best stress relief. I'm trying to teach my dogs to fart in unison. I often eat hedgehogs. The mushroom kind, dummy. I'm an insulin dependent diabetic balancing the seesaw of carbs and exercise, and I'm stone cold sober. But not stoned. I make rad kombucha and rosehip syrup.

Why this all happened.

1 I had a baby who slept 20 hours out of 24. I couldn't leave the house and I was beyond bored (this was the last time my house was that clean, 1996). Some flamer in the news group I was in, circa 1997, insisted I lived in Australia. Not that I mind Australia, but clearly, Santa visits in the cold season here and I got tired of explaining, so I built a portal. That shut him up.

2 I ran that site for 17 years through heydays and who'reyous, through $$$ and hey, how come I've only got pocket lint in here? I've reinvented bigpacific probably 10 times over. You're here for #10. Here's your special prize: my love and gratitude that you've taken the time to read this far. (Why not feed me a banana while you're at it?)

3 This time around I'm just aiming to amuse myself with this wee home of mine online. Yes, you might find people you want to get to know, or businesses you want to buy from, or orgs you want to support. Have at it. Me, I'm just going to create and share and connect and once in a while flame out, but I always come back. For you.