A truly tech day on the Coast

It’s no surprise to anyone that Diane and I are ‘techies’. In the grand scheme of techie classification, Diane ranks as ‘Geek’, while I come in slightly behind at ‘Nerd’. The difference being that once Diane and her peers get talking about circuitry, programming languages, and the deep tech of some parts of maker culture, I am left behind 🙂

Today is a day for ‘geeking out’. Diane and Bryan Cramer of GetMakered.com and the Coast Makers group are involved in interactive workshops with our local school district. Bryan has compiled a huge array of potential projects that can integrate with lesson plans in the BC Government’s new push to mandate coding and hands-on technical skill development in curriculum starting this September. 3D scanning and printing, gamefication using scanned avatars, beginner circuitry, raspberry pi, Internet of Things (IoT), bots, rov/hovercraft vehicle construction, and crazy creative projects are on offer. Many of the teachers are also bringing digital/coding projects they are already working with.

Yesterday and today folks have been attending 3 new workshops in the Innovation Island series, led by long time tech entrepreneur Graham Traux. Startup 101, Team Building, and The Pros and Cons of Bootstrapping wind up this afternoon.

This evening the Sunshine Coast Tech Hub is hosting a Spring Meetup at the Seaside Centre this evening, April 28, from 6-9pm. A presentation by Tom Keenoy of Medium Rare Interactive, “Growing a Tech Startup Here”, will open up the evening. Following will be Lightning Talks, including one by 14 year old Owyn Cramer (Owyn is also going with GetMakered to the Austin, TX OSCON – open source conference – in May and running the GetMakered booth and attending high level classes, we’re stoked for him). Networking and socializing is 100% certain to occur.

To top it all off, there is huge planning and prep work happening behind the scenes for the upcoming Sunshine Coast Mini Maker Faire May 29 at Dougall Park in Gibsons. We plan to at least double everything over last year, so put that day aside – we have some excellent demos and makers showing their work, workshops for all ages running throughout from 11-5, Lightning Talks and more.

The depth and vitality of the tech and maker communities on the Coast is a huge quality of life piece in my world, and it will grow to touch every area of society over time. It’s wonderful to have a role in shaping how that happens so that the essential coast-i-ness is protected and will flourish even as more tech underpins it over time.

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