I have been visiting Tzoonie Resort for about 8 years and have known the owners for almost 30. Tzoonie is my favourite place in the world and my year is not complete without a visit to this cell-phone free wilderness paradise only 40 minutes from Sechelt by private boat cruise.

In all these years, while I have marketed Tzoonie on Bigpacific.com, especially when I had the full portal and business directory, I had never tackled the web site. Art & Aleta had a lot of help from passionate guests who are talented and generous with their time. Plus, a redesign is overwhelming for almost anyone, never mind a pair of people who have been running this remote resort since the late 70s and find technology frustrating and far too time consuming compared to actually being in the wilderness. Art kept saying no, especially after a couple of tight years without too many bookings. Even though he’s a close friend, he doesn’t like being beholden… but I knew how much design has changed since the previous site was done, especially around mobile.

So this spring I decided to take matters into my own hands and do a second version of the site to test against the existing one at http://www.tzoonie.com. While very innovative and beautiful at the time it was built, it looked dated and had so much information and slideshows that failed to impress due to image sizes and format of the shows.

I built a brand new site at http://www.tzoonieresortsunshinecoast.com, putting keywords into the domain, and changing to a mostly parallax design that was modern and all about the images. Some hand drawn icons, a great map, some white space (what a concept!), prominent display of the 5 star reviews (of which Tzoonie has received hundreds over the past decades), accordion expandable content about a variety of getaways, some mountain biking video and a slideshow, and a grid of dee-licious images from a variety of photographers and guests, topped off with a second feature image + testimonials and a groovy footer with lots of colour and energy.

This year Tzoonie has been booked most of the summer, a huge increase over last year, in a make-or-break year.

I’m so delighted all of these folks new to Tzoonie are getting to experience such an iconic vacation stay inside British Columbia and in such proximity to a major metropolitan area. They too are having a soul vacation, and feeling the difference.

And this is what design can do for results!

Before and after slideshow:

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