Enough for Us All - Dr. Dorothy Riddle

Dr. Dorothy Riddle is a world expert in organizational change, and has spent her professional life empowering others and gently challenging them to question limiting beliefs and assumptions. Her speaking, teaching, coaching, consulting, and writing inspires us to recognize the worth and dignity of others as well as ourselves. Her involvement has ranged from establishing the first BA-granting Women’s Studies program to conducting the first major studies on the children of gay parents and the effects of homophobia to researching “third culture kids” (like herself). She has worked around the world on services and economic development issues as well as ways to support the growth of small service businesses and humanize our work lives.

We took two wordpress-driven web sites on disparate theme frameworks and consolidated them on to one new one – Elegant Themes’ masterful Divi framework, which uses the Divi Builder to create mobile-responsive/friendly web sites with reusable components, toggle on/off features depending on device visiting, and easy to use editing functions for clients. We based the designs on the ones she already had on the older themes – designs she had invested into already and wished to keep – but made them a bit more elegant and made them accessible to any size device and any modern browser. We also set up a subscription link to a new Mailchimp account with segmented groups so she can target her blog posts, articles and announcements to any one of a number of interest areas.

Dorothy loves her two new sites, http://www.enoughforusall.com and http://www.servicegrowth.com, and the Bigpacific Creative process that makes her feel valued and seen, and welcomes constructive feedback. Trust is a huge issue in her life and work, and I’ve been honoured to play a role in helping her take her important work into the greater world.

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