The Sunshine Coast is a very doggy place. Having pets is a key lifestyle value in communities everywhere on the Coast, and many people vacation here because it's easy to bring your dog, with plenty of places to get outside, on and off-leash.

I've compiled an excellent list of dog-friendly accommodation, ranging from Resorts to Cottage Rentals to privately run Campgrounds... so there are plenty of places to vacation with your beloved four-footed friend.

A great place to plugin with other dog owners and hangouts is at Bow Wow Coast.

There are pet supplies stores in Gibsons, Sechelt, Pender Harbour and Powell River. They are small stores with limited stock, but most items can be ordered in within 48 hours.


I bet you can guess what the #1 etiquette rule dog owners need to follow on the Sunshine Coast...

Yup - pick up after your dog! I can't emphasize this enough. On a recent trip into a very wooded park it was clear how many folks were ignoring this rule. "I forgot bags." "I'm in a hurry." "It's organic, in the forest."

What a load of hoo-hoo. If we all just decided not to bother, we'll have Amsterdam on our hands, which in years past was so fouled by dog excrement they suffered a measurable drop in tourism. For sure the next result would be no more off-leash parks, fewer dog-walking parks, and generally a move towards segregating dog lovers from everyone else.

The Town of Gibsons, Roberts Creek Beach, the District of Sechelt and the Regional District, BC Ferries have installed a terrific number of poop bag dispensers at parks and walkways so be sure to look for them and USE THEM.

Other points of etiquette: do not allow your dog to jump up on people, no hole-digging, and do not allow your dog to chase animals or birds.

The Sunshine Coast Regional District has an excellent online resource about Dogs on the Sunshine Coast too.

Important Sunshine Coast Dog Information

  • Townsite Park in Powell River, located at former Henderson Road Elementary School, is the place to be for off-leash socialization on the upper Sunshine Coast. Sundays from 11am-12:30pm is the get-together time for dogs and their two-legged friends for an informal mosh pit of dogs, from giant to tiny!
  • District of Sechelt Off-Leash Parks: Kinnickinick, Creekside West Sechelt, Heritage Forest East Porpoise Bay, Hidden Grove Park Sandy Hook, and Lynwood Park West Sechelt.
  • Gibsons Off-Leash Dog Parks are: Shaw Road, Inglis Trail, and Georgia Beach on The Bluff in Gibsons Landing (see linked maps