Hiking on the Sunshine Coast and in Powell River


The Sunshine Coast Trail was conceived in 1992 when a group of outdoor enthusiasts realized that there was a vanishing amount of accessible old growth left on the Upper Sunshine Coast. They formed the Powell River Parks and Wilderness Society (PRPAWS), a registered non-profit society, to set aside protected areas linked by corridors, as well as beginning work on the 180km trail connecting the old growth from Sarah Point to Saltery Bay.

PRPAWS approached this staggering goal one trail at a time. Through volunteer labor, the organization built new trails often connecting with old ones. The new trails quickly became popular with the public since they allowed people entry into areas which were until then accessed only by bushwackers or loggers.

Seven huts are available in gorgeous, unforgettable spots along the route from Sarah Point to Saltery Bay, which makes the trail one of the few where hikers do not have to lug a tent! The Sunshine Coast Trails site provides plenty of trip planning information, including a guide to books, films and stories about the trail. You can even get the been-there, done-that T-shirt!

With its many access points the Sunshine Coast Trail offers a choice of levels and duration as well as types of terrain. We believe it will become a wolrd class facility that will be enjoyed by visitors and locals.


Lund Water Taxi 604-483-9749
Lund to Sarah Point (start of SCT)
20 minutes ride, 6 people or less .
Call for pricing and schedule and to make reservations.

Places to Park
1. Drive to Lund and park for free on the side of the road.
2. Paid parking at Lund Hotel parking lot
3. Free parking at Shinglemill marina parking lot.
4. Parking at Powell River Taxi in Wildwood. 604-483-3666
5. Free parking at Wolfson Creek Ventures. Transport service and outfitting on premisses. 9537 Nassichuk Road, south of Powell River. 604- 487-1699.

Good Luck and Have Fun!!

Powell River Hiking Group

If you have any further questions, please contact:

Powell River Visitor Centre
Crossroads Village Centre
111- 4871 Joyce Avenue
Powell River, BC, V8A 5P4
604-485-4701 or toll-free 1-877-817-8669


This relatively new trail, the Suncoaster, extends from Earl's Cove down as far as Homesite Creek in Halfmoon Bay. An initiative of the Sunshine Coast Regional District, Phase One covers roughly 37km and winds its way through crown land forest roadways for a slightly more powerline feel than the Sunshine Coast Trail, and has many easily accessible entry and exit points.

  • The Klein Lake section is listed as 'moderately steep', beginning at Egmont Road and Hwy. 101 and heading inland to pass by the eastern edge of the lake; it is 9km in length.
  • Next is the Sakinaw Lake section, 10km of moderate trail, much of it following the powerline or the highway down through Kleindale. This is the most urban section of the Suncoaster, though the Sunshine Coast Trails app shows many interesting side trails branching out.
  • Next comes the Pender Harbour trail section, a 9km easy hiking piece that significantly diverges from the main highway, crossing over two major creeks leading to McNeil Lake.
  • The final piece of the Suncoaster is the Secret Cove portion, the most beautiful part of the trail, passing by Lone Owl Lake and nowhere near hydro transmission lines. There is also a 'Secret Cove Connector' trail leading out to the waterfront.