Relocating to the Sunshine Coast

Thinking of pulling up roots and moving to the Sunshine Coast?

Great! We'd love to have you join any one of our local communities. We've got almost any kind of real estate imagineable available on the coast, from undeveloped lots to waterfront homes, from rural parcels to spectacular private island hideaways, and everything in between.


New Coaster Magazine

The New Coaster Magazine is my number one go-to guide for everything you need to know about moving to the Sunshine Coast - in printed form! This fabulous publication is a labour of love from lifetime Sunshine Coast residents Josh and Amanda Miller and has been in publication since 2008. It is a lip-smackingly attractive, fun-to-read and hard-to-throw-out magazine that you'll soon be collecting like National Geographics!

To order your copy:

newCOASTER Magazine
PO Box 1005
Sechelt, BC, Canada
V0N 3A0

Toll Free: 1.877.299.9492

Sunshine Coast Lifestyle Values

The Sunshine Coast for Young Families

Excellent schools, sports teams, alternative schools and access to great extra-curricular activities and interests like music, dance, arts etc. makes our region a good choice for young families. You can choose to live in one of the larger communities, like Gibsons or Sechelt, or you can settle in to one of the many smaller more closely-knit areas like Roberts Creek, Halfmoon Bay, or Pender Harbour.

Young people aged 20-44 will be interested in VOICE on the Sunshine Coast. This organization was formed in 2011 for "Attracting, Retaining and Engaging the younger generation on the Sunshine Coast" and now has a membership of over 200 individuals, families, businesses and organizations all focused on ensuring the Coast grows in its capacity to serve younger members to maintain a diversity in our population, and find ways to enable more young people and families to remain on the Sunshine Coast going forward.

Seniors on the Sunshine Coast

Seniors will enjoy independent living with lots to do... miles of beaches and parks to visit, a strong social community, our excellent and newly built St. Mary's Hospital, town centres with easy access to everything you need in a beautiful setting, and great recreation like golf, lawn bowling easy flat walking in the Sechelt Village and Upper Gibsons areas.

For those looking to start a business

The Sunshine Coast offers a thriving community and plenty of local resources:

  • a growing tourism industry
  • a history of strong high-tech development (the Sunshine Coast is home to the first rural ISP in British Columbia, Sunshine Net ( bought Sunshine.Net), and now offers demanding technology workers Eastlink high-speed cable modem, Telus highspeed Internet.
  • a creative community workhub environment now taking applications called 'FUSE'; shared space rented by the hour, day, month or year, with fee-for-service or included support for faxing, scanning, printing, and professionally appointed media room for presentations or board meetings. Pilot project opening first in Sechelt, followed by a Gibsons location.
    Fuse Community Work Hub
  • a strong arts and cultural community (we are home to several large arts, literature, and music-related festivals)
  • a growing list of local manufacturers shipping high-quality products like value-added wood products, specialty food items, clothing, and more worldwide
  • a revitalized Community Futures Development Organization, with a mandate to grow the economy in ways that are sustainable, dynamic, and inclusive - a social enterprise focus

Your Chambers of Commerce are full of helpful information for your relocation needs:

  • Sechelt & District Chamber of Commerce
  • Gibsons & District Chamber of Commerce
  • Pender Harbour Chamber of Commerce

These sites offer business, economy and some tourism information for their appropriate service region.