Living on the Sunshine Coast

What do you think of of when you hear the words, living on the Coast?

I've been here over 26 years, and like many people who are a part of the fabric of our community, I first came as a visitor - as a Brownie in the Girl Guides organization, when I was only nine or ten. Back then you could have swapped the entire Sunshine Coast for Camp Olave, because that's all I pretty much knew about the Coast. That and Molly's Reach Restaurant; in those days the young cast were heartthrobs and we would all shriek with recognition as we rounded the hairpin turn past Molly's iconic presence.

Later I came for a supposed 'summer job' at one of the community newspapers. Little did I know as I rolled off the top deck of the ferry in Langdale that hot summer day when I was 25 that this would become my home for coming on three decades! I did know, right from the very first, that this place was different... the 'Knob' (Soames Hill) announced the harbour like a knuckle on the back of the sloping hand of Mt. Elphinstone, water sparkled in the brilliant midday sun, the cars rolled off the boat in orderly procession and with a groovy, relaxed tone of drivers, and I sighed the first of what would be thousands of delighted exclamations of 'being home'.

Over the last couple of decades I've gotten to know the communities here - and the 'community' that shelters them all - from a unique perspective as I began to chronicle life here online starting way back in 1997. I've shared not only my own viewpoint, but that of many others who are mastering that well-considered catchphrase of Sunshine Coast Tourism, 'The art of living well.'

In this section of my Sunshine Coast love affair, you'll find connections with Coasties in government, health care, employment, business, community organizations and philanthropy, education, alternative living, the creation of art and culture, childraising, the gay and lesbian community, community economic development, the local economy, conservation and the environment, transportation and building, and our treasured history. If you think something is missing, please let me know!

Laurie McConnell, Publisher/Editor


FIVE (5) Governments for 30,000+ people on the Lower Coast, and 3 for Powell River. Whoa! You don't have to tell me governance is complex on the Sunshine Coast!
sunshine coast government


The Sunshine Coast has a huge network of groups and organizations who better our community. Learn about them here and pick one or two to support with your time, talents and treasures.
read more about sunshine coast community organizations
Read more about Powell River Organizations here.


Our natural environment is a key value on the Sunshine Coast. We are blessed with a mix of ocean, lakes, creeks, forests, mountains and wildlife. Connect with other conservation-minded folk here.
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St. Mary's and Powell River General hospitals serve the Coast for a range of medical services that go from obstetric to end-of-life, and there are many clinics and doctors. But we're also known for alternative health as well.
sunshine coast health and medical services


Whether you're just building or you already live here, I've got the connections you need. Building permits, tradespeople, taxation and more.
information for sunshine coast homeowners


Chambers of Commerce, community economic development organizations, social enterprise... this is the place to build your business or the capacity of the Sunshine Coast
sunshine coast business
Read more about Powell River business here.


If you are looking to buy or sell a home, lot or business on the Sunshine Coast I'll connect you with the people you need to know.
sunshine coast real estate and realtors


Thinking of relocating to the Sunshine Coast? If you like small town life, are patient with ferries and deliveries, and appreciate a barrier between where you live and the big city...
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School District links, a guide to the schools, university campuses, and alternative and adult education for the Sunshine Coast and Powell River.
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Yesterday we had brilliant sun, the brightest rainbow I've ever seen, rain, hail, fog/mist, and wet snow. And that's in under 30 minutes, in April.
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...wait for no one. Get the correct tides before you start out, and remember you need viewing tides for the Skookumchuck.
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The First Nations of the Sunshine Coast - the Shishalh, and the Sliammon, as well as the Squamish - are an integral part of civic life on the Sunshine Coast.
read more about sunshine coast and powell river first nations


The Sunshine Coast is a bit of a different animal for kids. Beaches and tide pools, playgrounds, pools, rinks, bike parks, theatres, Dakota Ridge... a great counterpoint to the Malls in the city!
read more about activities for kids


Off-leash parks, hiking trails, beaches, kennels and pet-sitters, and where to buy pet food and accessories. Remember - please carry bags if you have a dog with you, and keep our Coast beautiful and relaxed about dogs!
read more about pets and dogs on the sunshine coast


The Sunshine Coast has a much higher than average ratio of gays and lesbians among our population - this webmaster included - and is known as a tolerant and welcoming place for GLBTQ folk. It's not party central... more like a beautiful coastal small town living for everyone.
gay and lesbian living on the Sunshine Coast


New Coaster Magazine

The New Coaster Magazine is my number one go-to guide for everything you need to know about moving to the Sunshine Coast - in printed form! This fabulous publication is a labour of love from lifetime Sunshine Coast residents Josh and Amanda Miller and has been in publication since 2008. It is a lip-smackingly attractive, fun-to-read and hard-to-throw-out magazine that you'll soon be collecting like National Geographics!

To order your copy:

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