Gigi Butterfly: Full On Gorgeousness

Gigi is a favourite local artist of ours. She is incredibly prolific, and often describes the need to paint (finger painting with oil pastels, actually!) as a compulsion. When Gigi sees something that speaks to her soul – giant arbutus groves, winsome cliffs at the waters edge, giant dahlias, shy tulips or African elephants – a painting is sure to follow. Gigi also creates ‘Art Blocks’ and decoupaged bird houses, and also has beautiful silk scarves featuring some of her most arresting work. She frequently paints at the Four Seasons Hotel in Vancouver as an ‘Artist in Residence’ and is very generous in supporting causes through providing original works for auctions.

I also adore Gigi because she tells it like it is. She is passionate about the environment, a committed vegan, an animal lover, and a straight talker who is still kind. She doesn’t go around beating one over the head with her views, but ask her and you’ll get the real deal. She’s also very fun and funny – her facebook page is a riot at times. Seeing her out in public with bunny ears is not uncommon! A woman after my own heart.

We are lucky enough to have a birdhouse she made for our wedding, an art block or two, and one of her fabulous totem prints, which hangs in our living room and is constantly remarked upon.