Kim Fenton - Unwind Knit & Fibre Lounge

Getting Yarn Bombed – This I Can Drink

Kim Fenton - Unwind Knit & Fibre Lounge

This is my friend Kim Kerr Fenton. Isn’t she gorgeous? Kim lives life big – big laugh, big love for her pals and customers, big in all the little ways like making friends, sharing soup, swearing like a sailor with moi (there, I’ve confessed, look out), and everything to do with yarn and fibre.

Kim is why I don’t buy my yarn in the city where I can get it for x$ blah blah. No, I believe in spending my money where it makes the most difference, and in a little business like Kim’s – the uber-funky Unwind Knit & Fibre Lounge in Roberts Creek – it makes a lot. It’s a small space so inventory is limited, but that means all the yarn, fibre, needles and notions are curated. Either they sell well, or Kim loves them and hopes others will too. Plus she can always order in what you’re yarning for… oops, I meant yearning.

The little hobbity store is like a shell – it just fits perfectly. Browse the yarns as soon as you enter, or wander into the way back for notions and needles and to have a yak about your project. There’s also a little side room to ‘keep company’ whilst knitting (I like saying it that way, sounds twee and English manor like), take a class or unball or ball yourself up. See, who said knitting wasn’t fun?

Kim is also the lead rabble rouser on our Yarn Bomb the 1965 Aljo Trailer project. A group of 8 or 9 of us got together, beginners and advanced knitters/crocheters alike, and made sections to cover the trailer’s back bumper, tongue and height winder. Which made it possible for That Guy at OSCON in Portland to sneak up during the convention and add his own section while we did our 3D selfie demos. So, you never know where yarn bombing is going to take you.

You can find Kim at Unwind Wednesday through Saturday from 10am to 5pm. She is available to help you find whatever you need, or even start you off with the basics of knitting. I often drop by for knitting therapy when I have screwed the pooch for the hundredth time. It seems to amuse her so I keep going back.

Plus, she’s the only person who has called me up – I am a type 2 diabetic on insulin – to say, “Come out for coffee. I want to eat something sweet in front of you.” I fucking love her.

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  1. Kim Kerr Fenton is truly an amazing person, human and woman. She’s nice, wild and just the right amount of cool.

    Do visit Unwind Knit & Fibre in the heart of the Creek. Say hi and make a friend.

    Sincerely, Micheal Oswald

    1. Author

      Hey, Mike, love that you stopped by and left a comment. I love Kim’s wild/cool side too, but I could say to you: Takes one to know one!

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