The best street map for the Sunshine Coast in my book is Business in Vancouver's Visitors Choice Guide for the Sunshine Coast. It is updated every year and is available both online or in printed form in information kiosks in the Pacific Northwest, on BC Ferries, and locally. Note: Google Maps is not 100% accurate for the Sunshine Coast yet; addresses can be off by a block or more, or can put something you're looking for in the ocean!

Visitors Choice Map Guide Sunshine Coast

BIV visitor's choice sunshine coast cover, linked to pdf download
Download the PDF of the Visitor Guide


Sunshine Coast Recreation Map

The Sunshine Coast Recreation Map is still one of the best resources for backcountry trail information in printed form. It used to be updated every year by the Sunshine Coast Map Company but the last print date I can find is 2009. If you want to encourage an update of this great resource, contact Jason Silverthorne at 604-740-0985!

Sunshine Coast Trails is a collection of trails in the backcountry, GPSd by Becky Wayte, personally walked/hiked/biked and meticulously detailed as a labour of love. It's also now available as both an Android App and for the iPhone. The cost is $9.99 and worth every penny... I have it on my iPhone and it has proven itself many times over, especially when I'm mushrooming and get turned around in the bush on a cloudy day! You can also purchase it as an ebook from the Sunshine Coast Trails web site.

Sunshine Coast Trails App BadgeScreen shot of the Sunshine Coast trails iphone app

Powell River Trails Map

Download the Powell River Trails Map (.png format).


I picked up a great trail book from Off the Edge Adventure Sports in Sechelt at the tail end of the fall mountain biking season. Created by Graham Macdonald, this modestly printed handbook is on high quality paper and uses minimal colour to good effect for denoting trails and waterways/creeks. It can get confusing the first time in some areas, so plan either a guided trip with one of the bike companies, or ask for an introduction to the locals via one of the cycle shops. There's also an excellent video called 'Dirty Secrets of the Sunshine Coast' with excellent local music.

Mountain Biking Map

I came across this wonderful little map below of Texada Island's trails via a link on to the Ravenous Raven Lodge and Restaurant in Gillies Bay - I hope you like it as much as I do, and if you go there tell them they have a fan at!

Ravenous Raven's map of Texada Island

Local realtor Gary Little is known far and wide as 'The Map Guy' (look for the license plate!) and has compiled a great collection of local maps on his web site, many of which are linked below. He's also a lover of all things Luxembourg of all things, and a history buff. Many of the historical plates on stands along Sechelt were researched and written by Gary, and my favourite map in his online collection is the George Vancouver Explorations Map, which chronicles Vancouver's 11-day hydrographic survey of the region that covered 300 miles and was published in 1798. A companion document, George Vancouver Visits the Sunshine Coast: 1792, is an engrossing read as well.