HALFMOON BAY: Centre of the Universe

Roberts Creek Mandala

Almost all of Halfmoon Bay is accessed via Redrooffs Road, a turnoff to the left when approaching the big hill outside of West Sechelt.

The romantic name of Halfmoon Bay suits this peaceful curve in the coastline. Gentle bays and coves provide protected harbours for marine traffic, and pristine wooded shores beckon. A diverse community, the region stretches northwest along the coast from Sargeant Bay and includes Redrooffs, Welcome Woods, Halfmoon Bay, Secret Cove and Wood Bay. Houses are nestled in sheltered pockets along the shoreline and in the forest, with a few more concentrated areas such as Secret Cove and Welcome Woods.

The community of Halfmoon Bay is known as a great place to raise a young family. There is plenty of walking & cycling away from traffic, it's quiet and surrounded by a green belt, and a huge network of trails offers points of entry throughout the plateau. You can hike or mountain bike to Triangle Lake, Trout Lake, Sargeant Bay and Cooper's Green - all without having to be near cars except for single crossings at main destinations.

This community is also popular with gardeners and independent seniors still able to care for homes and yards. Lots are big, and on the rural side of Halfmoon Bay up Hwy 101, 5 acre lots are the norm and are even written into the community plan. The semi-tropical growing season and temperatures allow for fruit trees of a large variety, standard garden

Halfmoon Bay Heritage General Store is a community gathering spot with a post office, liquor sales outlet and great ice cream. It's located on the waterfront in Halfmoon Bay near the government wharf (from which you can see Anchor Rock, Whale Island and Coopers Green).


Secret Cove lies just beyond Halfmoon Bay. This part of the Coast is limited to areas along the waterfront, and this is where access to Smugglers Cove - famous for its history of offering a natural hideout for smugglers like Larry Kelly, who for a fee would smuggle in Chinese immigrants avoiding the $100 head tax. Both Smugglers Cove and Secret Cove are popular anchorages for boaters traveling north into Desolation Sound, and are well-hidden from the Salish Sea until you are almost upon them. Travelers to Thormanby Island also depart from Buccaneer Marina in Secret Cove, with water taxi service available year-round. There is good camping on North Thormanby Island at Buccaneer Bay, accessible by private boat, water taxi, and kayak. This is a sensitive ecological zone around the impressive sand bluffs - they are for looking at, not climbing :).


The Halfmoon Bay area was originally occupied by natives of the Coast Salish nation, specifically the shishalh tribe, from which the town of Sechelt took its name. Archaeological studies have recorded 38 recognized sites containing shell middens, rock shelters and stone fish traps, now protected by the provincial Heritage Conservation Branch. European exploration of the area began in the late 1700s by the Spanish (Captain Galiano and Captain Valdes) and the British (Captain Vancouver).


Stay on the highway right through Sechelt and continue north about 10 km to Redrooffs Road (the original highway). A left turn here will take you winding through the Redrooffs residential area and along the shoreline of Sargeant Bay, around Reception Point to the waters of Halfmoon Bay. Eventually you'll wind up back on Highway 101 at the north end of the Redrooffs area. (Continue north along the highway to get to Secret Cove and Wood Bay.)

Or, if you're coming from Powell River, take the ferry from Saltery Bay to Earls Cove at the north end of the Sunshine Coast. Drive south along Highway 101 for a reverse tour, ending at the southern reach of Redrooffs Road.


POPULATION of Sechelt (29.5% of the total Sunshine Coast)

9291 people
Approximate 9.9% increase (national average is 5.9)
Percentage of people over 65: 28.4% (ntl av 11.6)
Percentage of working age adults: 60%
Percentage of children: 11.6% (0-14)
Number of families: 2830 (up 12% from 2006)
Housing: 80.6% single detached house, .8% semi-detached house, 5.6% row house, 8.8% apartment, 2.3 moveable dwelling, remainder 'other'.

Sunshine Coast Regional District
1975 Field Road
Sechelt BC V0N 3A1
Email: info@scrd.ca
Phone 604.885.6800
Twitter: SunshineCoastRD
Toll Free 1.800.687.5753

School District #46
494 S. Fletcher, Gibsons

Neighborhoods:Upper Trout Lake, Redrooffs, Sargeant Bay, Southwood/Wildwood, Coopers Green.



Police (non-emergency):

Fire Department (non-emergency):

Welcome Woods Community Association
PO Box 1646
Halfmoon Bay BC V0N 3A0

Community Services:
5638 Inlet Avenue

St. Mary's Hospital
Sunshine Coast Highway



The residents of the Creek are a peculiar bunch, loyal to their community in a way mostly outdated in today's society. The Roberts Creek Community Association has a large and active membership whose voice is strong in matters concerning community events, planning and development. The drafting and implementation of the Official Community Plan (OCP) developed by the Community Association received a high degree of input from residents. In a survey generated to assess public opinion concerning the OCP, a series of questions was posed. The following is a partial list of answers from local "Creekers" to the question: "What is it you like about Roberts Creek?"

What locals say about Roberts Creek