Being a Coastie takes time, through studying the locals, getting the sense of how living in a ferry-dependent community is so very different from other communities connected by 24/7 access roads and highways, and picking up the essentials of what makes us tick so differently through a process of osmosis. But there are some general guidelines that might help you adapt more quickly:

Don't sweat the time.
Go to the ferry and catch the next boat.
Bring snacks, beverages, books, and a backup charger for your idevice.
Learn to say hi to people in line. It's a great way to meet people.
Carry cash - markets, coffee stands, food trucks, gumball machines, raffle tickets!
Pick up after your pet. If everyone let it go, as it were, things would get ugly fast.
Practice random acts of kindness - you can see the difference it makes in a small community.
Leave your big-city expectations in the big city. Otherwise you'll miss the good stuff.
Smile more.
Open yourself and let the line shine in.
Look for the gift in everything, especially people.
Live in gratitude. There's always someone who would love to love what you have.
If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always got... so try something different.
If you've lived here for 25-50 years you might get by referring to yourself as a local :)
The farther away from the city the slower time goes - and the people.
Stop worrying so much about your kids and let them stretch their wings.
Say 'You're Welcome' instead of 'No problem.'
Look people in the eye - you'll like what you see once you get over how strange it feels.
Volunteer for something - it's the fastest way to fit in.
Let the spirit in. Whether that's in the wilderness, or in a church, or in a group of happy people.
Share your Sunshine Coast story! We would honestly LOVE to hear it.

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