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Some Coasties have asked if they can still ‘advertise’ on

Here’s the thing. I spent 17 years running as a business, which meant a lot of the time I was working on the platform development and systems to make it work. So I don’t plan on doing that any longer… but I do love sharing the stories of local people doing amazing things, or even doing ordinary things with an amazing attitude. And so far, my readers seem to like that too. So that’s working well.

So I’d like to do more storytelling and less advertising/advertorials. And I’d like to be self-sustaining. And I’d like to be able to spend more money in my community and do some philanthropic things with cash too.

If you’d like to share your story on this particular Coastie site, I’d love to hear from you. I can offer an original voice and take on the Coastie lifestyle, and people will find you and learn about you from this site, in a memorable, soulful and fun way.

$500 and the story/images stay up for six months.

Write or call 604-885-5913

Support a local writer to create interesting and soulful content, that may turn into a book. I’m nothing if not ambitious, would love the feels from this kind of support.

Donation of any amount accepted with thanks!

donate via paypal ( or call 604-885-5913