Sunshine Coast Kid-Friendly Accommodations

These featured child-friendly Sunshine Coast and Powell River and area accommodations invite you to visit with your children for a truly welcoming family-style stay.

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Kid-friendly accommodations on the Sunshine Coast range from full-service resorts with boat & watercraft rentals, swimming pools and mountain bikes to standalone Sunshine Coast cottages and vacation rentals - and even a few kid/family focused B&Bs, spread out along the Coast for a mix of community experiences.

I grew up in Richmond BC in the 60s and 70s. We built forts, rode our bikes all day, swam at the community pool, did outdoor art projects, and went on 'adventures off-(Lulu)island. We lived in single-family homes or maybe duplexes, and it was a great time to be a kid. If the fields got wet and froze over in the winter, we'd play outdoor hockey, which usually involved a lot of falling down from skating into grass and dirt clumps. Our moms and dads would say, 'outside and play' every day, and we were happy to. Most of the time.

Most kids don't have that opportunity these days. They have grown up in cities and while they are comfortable on mass transit and around strangers in ways Sunshine Coast kids aren't, unplug them from their electronics or indoor experiences and they're at a loss.

I see kids all summer long on the Sunshine Coast doing outdoor things as kids should: world class mountain biking, long walks to talk with friends, late night beach bonfires, moonlight swims in bioluminescent waters, walking or cycling to school or work, fort-building and paintball games in the woods, heading to the ocean or lakes to fish with a rod over their shoulders. Goofing off at swimming lakes. Rope swings and sunscreen. Snowshoes. Kayak trips out to Keats Island, or laser sailing lessons in Sechelt Inlet. Camp Byng and Camp Olave scouts and guides.

Creativity is also one of the key defining characteristics of the Sunshine Coast, and kids have tons of access to viewing it and creating it. Painting and sculpting classes, youth art shows in major galleries, film-making, the annual Zombie Walks, the annual Mandala painting in Roberts Creek, shown below.

Roberts Creek Mandala Painting

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