Sunshine Coast Group Accommodation

The Sunshine Coast makes a great group travel destination, especially for self-guided explorations, campouts, weddings, family reunions, school reunions, health retreats, writing getaways - pretty much whatever your group can get up to, we've got the place for it.

If you're looking for an old-fashioned family vacation, the resorts of Sechelt Inlet and Pender Harbour, along with Desolation Sound offer true getaways off the grid. The farther out you go the less the pull from city living, whether it's rushed schedules or slavish attention to devices (I guess the fun has gone out of the phrase 'left to their own devices'!). Up the Inlets and out in the Sound you'll rediscover the power and awe-inspiring simplicity of nature - you'll see wild animals in their homes, while away the hours with a good book, nap in the sun listening to the sea lapping at the shore, poke along the beach collecting oysters, and paddle in total silence and in harmony with the world around you. You'll laugh more, sleep better, and reconnect with the people around you in a profound way - and return to your busy life recharged and at peace in a way only going off the grid can give you.

The Sunshine Coast is also excellent for small weddings, elopements, anniversaries and romantic escapes. A number of resorts are home to weddings throughout the months of April through October, and the celebrations range from gorgeous tented canopies by the cliffside overlooking the ocean, to raucous roof-lifting hall dances, to quiet dinners for couples and groups at one of the many fine dining restaurants on the Coast.

Motorcycle groups, Westfalia clubs, Goldwing riders, vintage auto clubs, mushroomers, writers, and crafters are just a few of the groups who love coming up to the Sunshine Coast for a weekend getaway. With care in planning and reserving for ferry crossings, groups will find the ferry provides a natural narrowing of the neck for traffic out of the Lower Mainland, making the Coast a unique geographical oddity great for people looking to really leave the city behind. Once you're here, life slows, and your group will find a contentment and peace that will bring about greatly enhanced relationships and a deep pleasure of nature that is hard to explain to suburbanites and city dwellers.

So plan your group stay soon!

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Featured Sunshine Coast Group Accommodation

These featured Resort accommodations welcome you to explore their getaways and packages!

Sunshine Coast Resort
Sunshine Coast Resort

Beautiful chalets, hotel rooms & suites, cottages and marina.

Pender Harbour Resort & Marina
Pender Harbour Resort

Waterfront cottages, motel, RV, yurts, marina & pool.

Bathgate Resort and Marina
Bathgate Resort

Waterfront Hotel, Marina, Store - close to Skookumchuck.

Tzoonie Wilderness Resort

Tzoonie Wilderness Resort

30 minutes by boat (incl. in your stay), a natural paradise awaits.