Sunshine Coast Gay and Lesbian-Friendly Accommodations

The Sunshine Coast is a very inclusive community, with a large gay & lesbian community. The majority of accommodations are openly welcoming of GLBTQ (Bisexuals, Transgendered and Queer) visitors, and you'll find you're treated just like everyone else! There are gay/lesbian owned accommodations as well but many choose not to self-identify in online marketing, just because everyone is so accepting here. There really aren't gay-specific accommodations or venues though there is a Pride celebration of some kind most years depending on volunteers.

From resorts and hotel/motels, to cottage rentals and B&Bs, there is a pretty good range of accommodation that is truly GLBT-friendly. You can dine with your honey, go dancing, hit a gallery or literary reading, go on an outdoor excursion, or meet up with other gay and lesbian people on the Coast through a couple of groups.

All Are Welcome -

... You are welcome on the Sunshine Coast

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Featured Gay-Friendly Accommodations on the Sunshine Coast

These featured cottage/private home vacation rentals welcome gay & lesbian (GLBT) travelers:

Tzoonie Wilderness Resort Sechelt Inlet
Tzoonie Wilderness Resort

Only 40 minutes by boat from Sechelt, included!

Huckleberry Cottage Roberts Creek
Huckleberry Cottage

All are welcome, and just down the road is Henderson Beach.

gay-friendly Sunshine Coast Resort
Sunshine Coast Resort

Old-time cottage or modern chalet. You choose!

Pender Harbour Resort is gay friendly
Pender Harbour Resort

Waterfront cottages with decks, and even yurts!

Moon Dance Cabins welcomes Sunshine Coast gay & lesbian travelers
Moon Dance Vacation Rentals

West Coast Cabin or Architecturally Designed Perch

What makes the Sunshine Coast particularly inviting for GLBT travelers is its delightful social fabric, created with a tradition of embracing a very eclectic mix of people. Everyone can feel welcome and relaxed here. Watch out or you might want to move - many have!

There are a wide range of tourist accommodation options available, many of which particularly welcome lesbians and gays. Same goes for restaurants and recreation venues. And, while you're here, make sure you visit Roberts Creek which is truly the heart and soul of what makes the Sunshine Coast a magical inclusive retreat.

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Connecting with the gay community on the Sunshine Coast

If you're planning on visiting the Sunshine Coast as a gay, lesbian, queer or transgendered member of the Family, here's some great ways to connect. And if you're planning on moving here, let your hosts know or write me and we'll make sure you get welcomed into our small town life in a big way.

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